What we grow

Over the years we have grown just about every vegetable you can imagine. While this provides a large amount of choices, it makes it very difficult to grow enough of popular crops to meet demand. We are a small farm and as such, we have decided recently to concentrate on the most in demand produce and products that everyone uses in order to maintain a more steady volume of food.


Going forward, we will be focusing our main production on a variety of greens such as lettuces, spinach, kales, etc. We will also have carrots and beets through out the year. With our high tunnel, we can grow these crops for almost 9 months of the year!


In addition to greens and root crops, during the summer months we will have tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and a selection of squashes available.

Other products


In addition to crops, we also have chicken eggs, whole chicken and pork. Eggs are available year round but supply can be limited based on the time of year and periodic heavy demand. We sell whole chicken by pre-order only. This enables us to plan ahead for demand and availability. Pork can be purchased as well by pre-order only. We sell it  by the half or whole hog. Occasionally we will have some available by the cut. Pre-orders can be placed by contacting us between December and March for your needs.

Getting your food

All orders can be picked up at the farm. We will make a delivery to you if your order is $50 or more and your are within 15 miles of the farm.



Our summer crops are now finished and we have replanted for fall. Around the 3rd week of September we will begin to have fall greens available. Stay tuned and bookmark this page to check back for availability.


You can also contact us and be added to our notification list and we will email or text you when produce is available.

Our Egg Chickens


Our chickens are a big part of Yellow Creek Farm. They provide the delicious eggs and meat that we provide to our customers.


Our egg laying flock consists of several different breeds of hens including Red Stars, Black Stars, Rhode Island Reds and Easter Eggers.


They are raised on a pasture and have access to grass, bugs, worms, dirt, sunshine and fresh air. Along with the free range food, they are given a fresh, non-GMO chicken feed. Our chickens are never caged or given any type of medication or hormones.


Our Pigs

Our pastured pigs are raised in a woodlot/pasture setting. They have access to a variety of different grasses and clover as well as bugs, worms, roots and other types of browse. They are also fed a non-GMO, locally sourced feed as well as left over vegetables from our gardens.

They are trained to an electric fence at an early age and are free to roam the pasture and woodlot as they choose. The resulting meat is moist, nutritious and delicious.

We raise Freedom Ranger broilers for our meat chickens. The Freedom Ranger is sourced from Freedom Ranger Hatchery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The hatchery is a family farm, dedicated to traditional, sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods that produce high-quality chicks.


Unlike the fast growing, white hybrid broiler so common on today's farms, the Freedom Ranger is a slower growing breed more suitable to the pasturing method that we use on our farm. Freedom Ranger birds were derived from an American and European heritage breed that was developed in the early 1960s to meet the high standards of the French Label Rouge Free Range program.


We offer a limited supply of this wonderful tasting chicken during the late summer and fall months.

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